DIY Word Wrapped Bracelets-#MakeitinMay

Hello my loves!

Welcome back to another #MakeitinMay with me! Today I’m going to show you how I revamped the traditional wrapped bracelets and made me a lot more personal and chic by using letter beads!

You can use bracelets that you already have at home and make them over by using different coloured embroidery thread. You can make it as colourful as bright as you would like since it’s the summer and spring season so you know that these will make gorgeous arm candy. Pair with a cropped top and neon clutch and you’re ready to go!

Word Wrapped Bracelets

Word Wrapped Bracelets

These are also a great substitute for friendship bracelets if you can’t seem to get the hang of making those. And since these can be custom made, you can very well put the name of your bff on it-or ever words to inspire like what I did. I like having little reminders here and there to put a smile on my face whenever I feel down.

For this project you will need: 

– bracelets

– letter beads

– hot glue gun

– embroidery thread

Be sure to check out the video to see how I made these and if you do make any of these DIYs, be sure to tweet me or instagram me with the #MakeitinMay so that I can find your pictures and see what you were up to!

Happy DIYing!

The Classy It Girl!



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