On the Dot Perfect Spot- Review & Giveaway!

Hello my lovely readers!

I was sent this product to review for you guys and the best part about it is, I’m getting to giveaway one to a subscriber!

UPDATE: I just got a coupon code for my subscribers where you can have $5.00 off your purchase using the code: myonthedot YAY!

*Rules of the giveaway below!

Warning: this is a post about girly things.

It’s called On the Dot Perfect Spot and it’s a chic box/dispenser that holds all of your girly things- ya know, like your pads and tampons and all that jazz. I have to say that I was very impressed when I got mine because at first glance you’d think that it’s a soft material but it’s actually really tough and durable.

At the base it is encased with a sort of plastic material which is excellent because that means it protects the base from any damages which you may incur on it. In other words-it’s perfect for a klutz like me. The plastic casing also helps to prevent it from touching the floor which is another well thought out idea I’d say.

This was the pattern that I chose- California Sister-  and I love it because it was definitely the most girly girl one of them all. It looks so juicy I can’t stop looking at it. Yumma yumma.

The box has two compartments. The first one is a  mini drawer and the other one is right below and it’s much larger than the top compartment. I like using the top one for my go-to items like pads and then the one below I fill up with liners or tampons-it’s perfect for your backup supplies. The handle is a beautifully shaped butterfly that offers an excellent grip for sliding the box open and close. To be honest, I feel like this would be perfect for also storing other girly things like wipes for instance [maybe in a little bag].







So now that you’ve got an idea of this product, here are the 3 patterns that you can get:

*Images obtained from here.

– California Sister [which is the one I chose] has a modern hip look that I’m loving.

California Sister

– Dreamy Duskywing is definitely the epitome of elegance I’d say.

Dreamy Duskywing

– And then there’ Monarch which is a totally chic and vibrant design-perfect for the bold and the daring!



It’s only $24.99 US here which I honestly think is a steal of a deal considering how functional and chic this dispenser is. I could finally stop having my pads flood out my cupboards because this really helps to keep everything in place while looking amazing at the same time! I couldn’t ask for something better.

Rules for the Giveaway: 

– must be subscribed to my channel [The Classy It Girl]

– give the video a huge thumbs up

– comment under the video letting me know your thoughts on this disperser as well as which pattern you’d like to win

[Giveaway open Internationally]

Hope you enjoyed this post my loves and good luck in the giveaway!

XO, The Classy It Girl!



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