#BeautyonaBudget- Jordana Twist & Shine Moisturizing Balm Stain

So much for staying away from makeup.  In my defense, I have to say that this was strictly for blogger purposes in keeping with my monthly #BeautyonaBudget videos on my channel. This month it’s all about these Jordana Twist & Shine Moisturizing Balm Stain which is almost an exact replica for the Revlon Just Bitten Kissables!

With the exception of the packaging, the two most noticeable differences between them are:

1. The Jordana twistables lack the peppermint scent that is prominent in the Revlon ones (they smell more like candy). I have to say that I do prefer the peppermint scent though because personally, I find it much more appealing to me.

2. The price. Revlon twistables cost $8.99 US vs the Jordana ones which are only $2.99 US. I mean come on, this really isn’t a hard choice  deciding which ones you should buy when you look at it this way. In Trinidad terms, that’s about $60.00 vs $30.00. If this isn’t a #BeautyonaBudget then I don’t know what it!

Since I found these [I got them at WW Trinidad], I definitely am less likely to pick up the Revlon ones because of their hefty price-except maybe the matte balm stains cause those are to die for. That is of course, if Jordana doesn’t soon follow suit!

I picked up three which you can see below:

01 Nude Chic

03 Tropical Frenzy

03 Tropical Frenzy

06 Cranberry Crush

06 Cranberry Crush

Here are the swatches on my skin and in the video, you can see the colours on my lips.

The line has 8 shades and with its low price, you can definitely collect them all- check them out here.

I hope you enjoy these #BeautyonaBudget Videos and Posts!

Enjoy your weekend my loves.

XO, The Classy It Girl!



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