My Food Adventures

Hello my loves! So as I promised you in my last Food Adventure, I will be doing loads more posts like these because I love trying new food and I love sharing them with you!

I love shrimp alfredo and honestly, anything with pasta is to die for. For date night my guy and I went to Trader Joe’s which is a lovely restaurant in MovieTowne P.O.S. The ambience is perfection-they have a live setting as you walk in with a man made ‘pond’ that has real greenery as well as turtles which just love to chill out on the rocks. It’s the cutest thing ever. And I just love the atmosphere because it’s very au natural with bamboo lanterns above your booth and just an overall lovely rustic setting. The shrimp alfredo was absolutely delicious but I have to say that I prefer fettuccine as opposed to penne pasta but all the same, it was still an amazing dish.

Shrimp Alfredo

My guy on the other hand had steak (rib-eye or something like that?). I don’t eat anything other than seafood so forgive my ignorance. Either way, I just wanted to share what he had for dinner that night since it is still part of my Food Adventures.

Rib Eye

Next up was this amazing pasta at TGIF and it was actually my brother’s dish but I couldn’t help myself to a few forkfuls. I just have a weakness for pasta you know?


Onto my actual dish, I finally was satisfied with my fettuccine which was beautifully enhanced with spinach and bell peppers, topped with shrimp in a delicious batter and a side of garlic bread. Can I say that this was perfection? Also, it was a new dish being offered at TGIF so definitely be on the look out for it cause you will have weak knees- I promise you that!


My bff x a million celebrated her birthday this week and of course, I had to take her to lunch. We went Toppers which is located in Grand Bazaar and her order was of course, chicken alfredo, and let me tell you, I enjoyed watching that oozing portabello mushrooms in all its glory. I of course, sampled in that heavenly thing (sans the meat) and it was beyond delicious. Honestly, I think that Toppers had the best food out of this Food Adventure post so you really need to go there if you haven’t already been (or if you ever visit Trinidad!).

Chicken Alfredo

I had the beautifully presented Fried Shrimp Platter at Toppers and (insert  gasp), there is no pasta. I know, I know, shocker right? But I will get into that later-probably on my other more personal blog.  I had steamed vegetables- carrots, string beans and corn with rice pilaf and coleslaw on the side and marinara sauce which complimented the shrimp beautifully. Trust me, this could have gone a lot worse cause the original sides that it came with were onion rings and fries. Yeah. Hell to the No.

Fried Shrimp Platter

For date night again, my love and I went to Zanzibar- another restaurant in MovieTowne P.O.S. Here I had (insert gasp) a mega salad topped with tuna steak. That little brown thing at the side is bread but who eats bread right? JUST KIDDING. I mean, to be completely honest, I won’t recommend ordering this if you go there because the other options are much more delightful and delicious as compared to this. But I have to say it was because I had that meal in Toppers early that day so I really didn’t want to overdo it. Don’t they say moderation is the key?

Tuna Steak

I really hope you enjoyed another Food Adventure blog post! I really would love to know your opinions on this series!

XO, The Classy It Girl!


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