My Food Adventures

Hello my loves! So part of my resolutions this year was to be more devoted to my blog-something that I have been severely failing to do. However, no fear-better late than never right? I decided to have a few posts on my blog about my food adventures because let me tell you, food is definitely an obsession of mine. Honestly, I just love to eat #sorrynotsorry. Here’s my first post and let me know what you think!

There’s a cute little restaurant called Nichossa’s where my mom and I always go for brunch. It has the perfect café like ambience which I have to say is kind of hard to find on this tiny island-oh the irony. Not only do they have breakfast, there’s also a delicious lunch menu which is just as heavenly.


And speaking of heavenly, did I forget to mention they have an amazing selection of desserts? One of them happens to be macaroons which is my weakness. Honestly, my legs are wobbling just thinking about how amazing they are. And it’s ever better with the ever so slight dust of glitter on them. Here is actually the only place that I found in Trinidad that sells macaroons so this is definitely one of my many guilty little pleasures.


At my Uni, there’s a little dining area called Veg Out which I love. It’s strictly vegetarian but it has the loveliest vibe in the entire university and I look forward to just going there to unwind in my little nook. There’s also their amazing seasonal salads which I just about live for. It has a ton of different types of vegetables and other ingredients you won’t think you can find in salads-like coconut and squash and other lovely fresh, healthy goodness.


Yogurtland. That’s all I have to say. Okay, well not really. Have you ever felt really dragged down when you eat really rich, heavy ice-creams (or is it just me?)? I love ice-cream but I hate that feeling so Yogurtland is just perfect because I never feel guilty after eating it. There’s also a rather impressive selection of yogurt and toppings which make it just as delightful. I have to warn you though that you pay by weight and sometimes, one can get a little carried away so just keep that in mind!


Another ice-cream I have been loving is green tea and I got this at Kaizen-which is the best sushi place in Trinidad. I had it for my birthday as dessert and let me tell you, I need to find this in a grocery or something where I can just hoard it in my fridge. I posted a pic on Instagram and a lot of people were using the word ‘matcha‘ so of course, being forever uncultured (well at least in the Japanese life) I left it up to trusty Google and found out it was just refers to a special kind of green tea that’s prepared in a different way from the ‘green tea’ that we know of. Either way, I just love green tea ice-cream and I need me some. Right now will do please.


Speaking about my birthday, my absolutely favourite food in the world is sushi. No. Like you really don’t understand the level at which I love sushi. When I went Canada and NYC last summer, it was what I ate practically every day. For my birthday, it’s kind of a tradition that The Boyfriend take me to Kaizen (I tricked him into carrying me there for Valentine’s Day as well-score!). For my little birthday dinner, I kinda maybe ate out 11 platters of sushi. I kid you not.



On my actual birthday night, The Boyfriend made me the most delicious shrimp Alfredo in the world. No seriously, this guy can be on a cooking show. I have to say that I am one lucky girl.


And speaking about lucky, he got me this amazing double chocolate double mousse cake. Somebody save me. Unlike last year’s cake which was two tiers of perfection, I didn’t share this with anyone. Except my mother and brother who snuck pieces of it while I wasn’t there. I just couldn’t help not sharing it. This cake was THE most amazing thing I have ever tasted in my life. And The Boyfriend is actually considering getting one for his birthday-fear not. I shall try to convince him on all the reasons why this is a fabulous idea.


So my loves, I hope you enjoyed my first post about my Food Adventures! I really would love to know your thoughts.

XO, The Classy It Girl!


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