Dormspiration-DIY Valentine’s Day Décor!

If you can’t already tell, I’m an uber girly girl and Valentine’s Day is just a perfect opportunity to girlify and make my room even more pretty in pink. I have to say that this is my all time favourite Dormspiration Video ever-and I know I probably say that for all my dormspiration videos, but for real this time, this is my fave.

Oh and in this video, I’m having an open giveaway for two of the items that I used/made so feel free to enter! Here’s the video and below are some pictures of my Valentine’s Day Décor!

I love this DIY because it’s very functional and that’s sort of the theme that I want to steer my DIYs into-functionality and décor all in one big pretty bundle. I used plant pots that I overturned and hot glued these glass jars onto it and that’s as easy as it gets! Not only can I display my favourite nail polishes of the moment, but I can also make sure my fave books don’t go toppling over everywhere.

And yes, everything I made also was very focused on a particular color scheme. #OCDproblems

Nail Polish Holders and Bookends

I have to admit I am crazy about this brush holder and it may just grace my vanity for the entire year. These jars were actually candle jars and I removed to wax ( I show you the easiest method in the video) then added epsom salt to hold my brushes in place. And if you’re wondering, the epsom salt doesn’t stick to your brushes or anything like that so don’t worry. Coffee is also a great filler but I wanted to stick to my colour scheme and brown just wouldn’t have done it for me. I wrapped twine around the jars and just stuck paper hearts to them. I dunno but I just love making gorgeous but inexpensive things that you can make with items right at your home.

Valentine's Day Brush Holder

Again, another simple DIY for Valentine’s. Just grab a picture frame and cut out construction paper to fit the frame. The, grab your favourite lipsticks and begin kissing that thang like crazy. Sure, you’re gonna end up with super chapped lips and may need lip scrubs and lip balms for a few days, but I mean the result is amazing and I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s worth it! I used different shades of pink for my pink and white colour scheme but reds are fiery and perfect as well-as is any other colour of your choice!

Kiss Me Picture

This is probably one of the only things in this dormspiration video that you may have to buy and it’s these wooden XOXO letters {I got them at the craft store upstairs in Trincity Mall if you’re from Trinidad}. I painted them pink with acrylic paint and stuck those kinda gem things to it. Obviously, this isn’t mean to take a ton of weight so I just placed a few key pieces on it like my fave bracelets and necklaces on it and I have to say that it looks so amazing. I was originally gonna just stick the XOXO on my wall but like I said, I really want to incorporate functionality in my DIYs.

XOXO Jewellery Display

I have to say I was totally saving the best for last. This is my favourite DIY ever and as I’m blogging, I’m staring at how gorgeous it looks on my wall. I used heart paper doilies {Excellent Stores, Trincity if you’re from Trinidad} for this and this is one of my giveaway items mind you! I loved how uniformed the black and white pictures look instead of using coloured ones because it really brought out a vintage chic style which I loved. I printed the pictures out on label paper so I wouldn’t have to glue them to the paper doilies and ruin them. I have to say that label paper may be my new be all and end all. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to use. I hung it to my fairy lights with mini clothespins and I just have this beautiful heart photoholder in my room which I can’t stop staring at. Help me.


Okay those were some of the items that I made in this dormspiration so I hope you enjoyed it! I know I sure loved making them to share with you.

Stay amazing and hope you’re dormspired! Comment down below and let me know which was your fave DIY!

XO, The Classy It Girl!


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