Last Minute DIY New Year’s Décor!

Hello gorgeous! Thank you for stopping by. Today I’m back with another DIY that is perfect if you’re having a New Year’s Eve bash and you’re a bit lost as to what you can do-in so little time! Well, trust me, there’s a lot you can do and these little decor ideas will help make your party a success. No really, they are so easy, you might cry. Or not. Mostly everything you’ll need in this tutorial can be found at home. Think I’m kidding? Then check out the video tutorial and then scroll down to view the pictures of some of the things I made.

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These bottles are a perfect focal point for your table and they are ridiculously easy to make. You just need some bottles, epsom salt and gold spray paint to get this look! The numbers are simply cardboard with glitter that’s stuck to skewers. To hold them in place, you can stick them to the bottle. This definitely has to be one of my favourite DIYs.


If you need something to spruce up boring looking cupcakes, these cupcake toppers are a must-especially since they have the little clocks on them. I cut out cardboard circles, stuck a gem at the centre and then used the love of my life-my Sharpiegold- to draw the hands. Then, I just stuck them to toothpicks and there you have it!  True story: I completely forgot which hand was the hour hand so instead of sharpie-ing minutes to twelve, I started to make different times. What? I mean, time is passing right?


This picture frame is another favourite of mine from this project. It was a boring wooden frame which I spray painted white and stuck those sparkly gold styrofoam balls to. You can use feathers, gems, pearls, lace-whatever you’d like really, to decorate your frame. The underlying colour scheme I had was white and gold-but you can personalize everything to match your NYE bash! I also made the picture inside which is essentially two of my favourite (and NYE appropriate) quotes. Here’s the picture if you’d like to use it!

2014 Collage1


These starry ice-cream toppers were made in the exact same way the the cupcake toppers were made-except I cut out stars and decorated with my Sharpie.


If you want to display your resolutions (I used a resolution line in the video), you can use embellished paper-clips or clothes-pins. I stuck these gems but you can also use buttons, feathers or anything of the sort.

I really hope you enjoyed this DIY!

All the best for the New Year,

Cheers, The Classy It Girl!


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