DIY Holiday Gift Scrubs!

The holidays are more than my favourite time of the year. It’s just the time where I feel the happiest and even more so, it’s that time of the year when I want to have everything looking as magical as possible. My amazing viewers also seem to love my holiday videos as much as I do and since then, they’ve bee requesting more DIYs and Holiday videos. So why not indulge since after all, those are my favourite things too!

I came up with these 4 amazing and beautiful holiday body scrubs that are perfect gifts for anyone. And even though they are under my ‘Holiday’ series, they can be used any time throughout the year. Here’s the video and below, you can find the gift tags that I made for you so that if you make these scrubs, you can use them as well!

[You can use any kind of jar you would like. I couldn’t find any mason jars, so if you’re from Trinidad, I  found these cute little ones for $10.00 TT at Nandlal’s and Son’s on High Street] 

My favourite one is the Peppermint Candy Cane scrub-and yes, it’s probably because of the shallow reason that’s it’s layered and looks like a candy cane. To decorate, you can add a candy cane to the jar but I only had HUGE ones so I found this cute little circular candy cane and tucked it on top of the jar for a nice finish.


I also made a green and white scrub for The Boyfriend because I told him my idea for the peppermint scrub and he wanted a green and white one. So of course I had to indulge.


This scrub is so yummy you’ll have a hard time not wanting to eat it. It smell exactly like a sugar cookie would and it contains oats which offer a range of amazing benefits such as treating acne as well dry skin because of its moisturizing properties. Also, it contains cinnamon and vanilla which makes it smell ridiculously delicious.


In this scrub, the coffee is amazing for cellulite and the sugar in it is very exfoliating for your skin and I love the way the peppermint oil adds such a zing it.


You may not think that Jasmine is a holiday scrub but when I smell it, I am immediately overcome with a feeling of coziness that only the holidays can bring about. Jasmine is very soothing and calming so it will be perfect for those more athletically inclined or those workaholics.


And here are the gift tags that I made. You can copy them into a Word document and then resize them to fit your jar.

Jasmine Body Scrub Peppermint Body Scrub Scrub2 Scrub4 Scrub5

I hope you enjoy this video and tutorial and don’t forget to like and subscribe for lots more!

XO, The Classy It Girl!


5 thoughts on “DIY Holiday Gift Scrubs!

  1. Hey i hope that you will answer to me! I find this video on youtube and i decided to make these for christmast gift :) but now i started to think that how long they will stay good if i storage these in fridge? I hope you understand, my engllish i quite horrible :/ greetings from finland! :)


    • Hello love! I’m so sorry for the late reply. These scrubs can stay for 2-3 months and all if you find it’s getting a bit dry, you can just top them up with some olive oil! Love you and Happy New Year!


  2. I enjoyed watching your DIY body scrubs and I want to make some as a holiday gifts to my friends and family. Very informative and thanks for sharing. Can you send me those labels, thanks a lot. God bless you and advance Marry Christmas!!!


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