Last Minute DIY Halloween Costumes!

With Halloween literally tomorrow, in case you haven’t gotten any costumes as yet, I have 4 super easy and inexpensive DIY Halloween Costume ideas-and the best part is, most of the clothes you can find in your closet!

First up is a Nerd.

There’s nothing easier than pulling together black high waisted pants, a white tank top and some knee high socks. You can choose between pumps for a sexier look or throw on a pair of black converse or ballerina flats. For fake specs, you can pop out the lens from a black sunglasses or if you have a real fake glasses lying around…randomly. Like me. Well then that’s all fine as well.

nerd outfit 1

A pirate look is another simple look that you can pull off.

I used the same high waisted black pants and a sheer white shirt. Then I threw on a red bandana and accessorized with gold jewellery. If you have a random stuffed parrot too, that would be nice.

For the DIY Pirate Patch, I used this template. *see the video on how I made mine!


The Minnie Mouse costume was my absolute favourite!

And I currently am strongly convinced that I have an obsession with making Minnie Mouse ears now…seriously. I have great plans to start a Minnie Mouse-ear-wearing-trend. This look is unbelievably easy-any black dress would do, with red accessories. And of course, those yellow pumps-if you have. I don’t. But now I feel like it’s an investment I should make.

For the DIY Minnie Mouse ears, I used this template. *see the video on how I made mine!

DIY Minnie Mouse Ears

The Kitty Cat is another one of my favourites.

Again, you can throw on literally anything and the makeup is so simple as you can see from the video. Or this picture.

Kitty Cat Look

For the template, I sort of drew up one for you so I hope  you like it! Rounding off the edge makes it a little less harsher. You can also use it as devil horns. Again, see the video to see how I did it!

Kitty Cat Template

I really hope you enjoyed these ideas! I think they are just perf for last minute parties.

Much love,

The Classy It Girl!


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