Princess Jasmine DIY No Sew Outfit & Makeup

Hello beautiful!

My last Halloween no sew tutorial was all about getting that gorgeous red cloak on Little Red Riding Hood in THE easiest way ever-no sew of course! As well as my wolfish makeup was was also very simple. But, simple isn’t an option forever, and for me to pull off this Halloween look, I definitely had to pour over my notes brainstorming the easiest ways that I can make *drum roll please* Princess Jasmines outfit in a way that is relatively simple. Yes, relatively. But let’s not get daunted because the video tutorial is as simple as can be and if you follow what I did, you will end up with a perfect outfit-trust me, I worked out all the complications already!

Princess Jasmine Makeup

Here is the video tutorial and below, you can find pictures of my outfit!

Just throw on a pair of gold flats or ballet flats to complete the look-as well as your favourite pair of gold earrings. Because of my top part, I didn’t want to put on a gold chain because I just thought it would make the outfit too overdone-but of course, it all depends on how you’re embellishing yours. If yours is plain blue, then a Princess Jasmine gold chain is a must!


I also have a gold piece of cloth that I tied at my hips and this is just an option for those of you who don’t feel totally comfortable with wearing the ‘pant’ piece alone.


I really hope that you enjoyed this tutorial and don’t forget to Subscribe to my Channel for lots more like these!

XO, The Classy It Girl!


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