Dormspiration-DIY Room Décor!

Hello my loves! So in my last Dormspiration blog post I promised you that there would be another one that would be all about DIY Room Décor. Well, here it is! I have to say, I am completely over the moon and back obsessed with everything I made for my room. It’s just so pretty and girly and tumblr-worthy, I just can’t.

One of my favourite areas is my vanity. I strung white icicle lights fairy lights over my mirror and it just looks so amazing. I keep the surface simple with my glitter glass jar, EOS lip balms, Ralph Lauren perfume The Boyfriend gave me and of course, my all time favourite Sigma Brushes.  I’ve found a new love for home décor and making everything look classy, elegant and lovely, so I’m translating that into the way that I decorate my apartment.

My Vanity

And speaking of glitter jars and more sparkly things, I made this out of a Starbucks Frappa bottle-the labels just come out so easily without any kind of sticky ickyness. With some glitter and glue and of course a bunch of your favourite flowers, you have this in less than 6 minutes.

Glitter Jar2

To organize my arm candy, I used a picture frame and some chess pieces-you can substitute these for similar items such as hooks- and then some twine. Ideally, the twine section is for displaying hanging earrings but since I’ve outgrown that phase (don’t know if it’s a short term thing or what) I used them to hang some inspiration pictures-again with my baby clothespins. The chess pieces or pawns for those of you so chess inclined, perfectly displays my necklaces, rings and bracelets.

Picture Frame Jewellery Display

One of the highlights of my room is this ahh-mazing fairy lights photo line where I took the same *ahem* fairy lights and strung them along right next to my bed and then pinned some pictures to it with my cute itty bitty clothespins. Talk about a teardrop moment.

Fairy Lights

So there you have it! My 4 DIY Dormspiration ideas that are perfect for your room or for your Uni apartment!

I hope you enjoy it and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel!

XO, The Classy It Girl!


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