Dormspiration-DIY Desk Décor!

To say that I like DIYing is an understatement. I’m obsessed. I LOVE it! From concentrating intensely on getting the perfect line, dropping a few FFFFs when you burn yourself with the hot glue gun, and then finally, when you look at what you did and you’re so happy-and it looks totes amazing! Yes I’m in love. And my new apartment was rather bleh and I couldn’t allow myself to live in such a state. That’s why I decided to DIY as much as I could and I have to say I am crazy in love with how everything turned out. This post will be about DIY Desk Décor but not to worry, I have a DIY Room Décor post on the way as well!

Here’s the video tutorial!

One of my favourites was this Inspiration Board-and you probably know I love being inspired and inspiring others. So this was just a perfect item to hang right above my desk as a pick-me-up when I’m down.

Inspiration Board


I also made a bulletin board using the same method and I stuck my calendar as well as my timetable to it.

Next up was this stationery holder that I made. It really compliments my desk area perfectly and it fits so many things! In the video, I show you how I painted the canvas with a beautiful stencil chandelier and then stuck plastic cups to it. You can substitute the plastic cups with cans, mason jars or anything like that!

Stationery Holder

The lace luminary is another favourite (yes, everything happens to be my favourite item. I just can’t help it). It’s so simple to make by taking a jar, sticking lace to it and then popping an electric candle inside. It definitely brightens up my desk area-and I love how it flickers just like a real candle!

Lace Luminary


Be sure to check out my video so you can make these yourself!

Lots of Love,

The Classy It Girl!



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