Red Riding Hood Makeup + 1 Minute NO SEW Cloak

Halloween is almost upon us and before it catches up on me, I decided to start my Halloween tutorials early. The first look is Red Riding Hood-and everyone knows that I have a love affair with the colour red…hence I chose this as my first look.


My makeup is very simple but it definitely gives the wolf-like look that I wanted.

[If you’re from Trinidad, you can get the contacts at Wonderful World. They are by Aurora


Here are some of the products that I used to create this look:


And best of all, you can make the cloak in less than one minute! All I used was satin-velvet is preferred but I couldn’t get any-and a ribbon. I used only 2 yards of material because I’m only 5’2 but if you’re taller, then by all means use more.



Here’s a pictorial if you rock that way (instructions are below):



1. Get about 2 yards of material (more if you’re taller-I’m 5’2)
2. Place the part you want to be the hood over your head
3. Take a piece of ribbon that can go around your head and tie securely
4. Place the ribbon around the ‘hood’ that you made and tie as if you’re starting off to make a bow
5. Pull more of the ‘hood’ through the hoop you made
6. Make a bow with your ribbon
7. Pull as much of cloth as you want to make a hood
There you go. Now you can make a cloak in less than 1 minute without any kind of sewing or gluing!

I hope you enjoy it!

XO, The Classy It Girl!


6 thoughts on “Red Riding Hood Makeup + 1 Minute NO SEW Cloak

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  2. OMG!!! GENIUS!! I’ve been stressing about making a cloak last min. for Halloween tomorrow and this is the BEST no sew tutorial I’ve seen! You’re amazing & gorgeous too! Thank you! <3


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