Back to School: Binder Organization Tips!

Back to school is rolling around the corner and I’ve decided to kick off my back to school series with some tips for binder organization!

Shopping List!

Here is a suggested list of all the things that you would need :

1. Any binder of your choice- I chose a white one with the clear part in front where you can slip in things. I put this graduation card that my bestest aunt in the whole wide world gave me.


2. Poly envelopes that you can stick to your binder with two-sided tape., I put flash cards in mine but you can put whatever you’d like-even stationery!


3. Stick notes and post it’s! You can never get enough of these. I used two sided tape again and stuck them to my binder for extra security. I’m always jotting down some note or marking off textbook pages.


4. Sheet protectors- these are for when you get handouts in class and they don’t have binder holes. Keep them in the sheet protectors until you get to punch them.

5. Speaking of punching…you will need a paper puncher of course.

6. Paper: the more the merrier I always say – computer pages, file paper, graph paper- any kind of paper because you never know when you’re going to be needing them.

7. Ready Index Tabs are a God sent because they can easily help you to subdivide your binder into the subjects that you’re taking.  Paris bought me the numerical set (they have alphabetical and a ton of other options) at Staples for under $4.00 but you can definitely get them at any stationery store.


Note: If you don’t have these, don’t stress because you can take those very sheet protectors I mentioned and slip in colourful paper or any kind of fun paper so that those will serve as dividers. You can associate the colour of your paper with the subject.  Get creative!

For the ready index tabs, I mentioned a really cool trick in the video so make sure and check it out! 

8. A pen that you can just clip to one of the rings so that you’ll always have something to write with.

And that’s about everything that you need to have a very organized and efficient binder. I hope you enjoyed this post!

XO, The Classy It Girl!


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