L’Oreal Paris Magic Nude Liquid Powder-Review&Demo!

I am in love with this foundation. It’s not even funny. Like I love it. A lot.

madgic nude

This foundation comes in 12 beautiful natural shades and mine is Sun Beige.

magic nude

My list of why I adore this foundation is as follows: 

1. The packaging is just delicious. The bottle is sleek and chic in white and purple. It has 0.9oz which is relatively a lot of makeup and it’s light and compact-perfect for the travelling girl.

2. It has an SPF of 18 which, although it’s dramatically high, is just perfect for a bit of protection.

3. It is very lightweight so it won’t feel cakey or heavy on your face- I had on two coats and I didn’t feel a thing.

4. It has the most amazing natural finish I have ever witnessed in a foundation. Like ever. When they say an ‘un-makeup’ look, they’re totally serious. It literally feels as if you don’t have on makeup, but yet, your face looks ah-mazingly flawless. Just the way I like it.

5. When they say ‘bare skin perfecting makeup’- that is soo true. It literally perfects your bare skin.

6. When they say ‘liquid to powder’- they ain’t lying! It’s a magical formula-I really think it is. It is very liquid in the bottle as you probably heard while I was shaking it for you. But when you apply it to your face, it turns into this amazing powdery feeling that is to die for!! But it’s not a bad kind of powdery feeling-it’s a natural, melt into your skin feeling that just makes you say OMG. How could this be true?

All in all, I really have not a bad word to say about this foundation. It has moved up greatly in ranks as one of my absolute favourite foundations ever! I am seriously over the moon with this and I definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking for an everyday foundation.

Have you ever tried this? Let me know what you think!

XO, The Classy It Girl!


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