Maybelline Dream Nude Airfoam Foundation-Review & Demo!

A huge thumbs up to Maybelline for such a creative concept I must say- a foundation that’s mean to be sprayed on. I-like most people who tried out this foundation-have mixed feelings about this foundation.


Before I jump into that, let’s start with the basics:

dream nude2

1. This foundation comes in 12 gorgeous shades. Mine is Natural Beige which may be a perfect match for my skin tone, but since I like to go darker, Sun Beige is much more up my ally. Nonetheless, I do not at all have a problem with this colour.

2. It has a beautiful matte finish so it won’t cause your face to oil out or get shiny.

3. It has an SPF of 16-which is relatively low compared to BB creams; so if you’re looking for SPF, then I recommend going with a foundation with higher SPF- I know that Maybelline Dream Fresh BB cream has a whopping SPF of 30.

dream nude1

Now, here are my personal thoughts on this foundation: 

1, I shade the foundation and then spray it on the back of my hand. The back of the foundation says to spray a ‘walnut’ sized amount and to me, when I do this, I have gotten the ‘walnut’ vibe every time. I have however seen that some people get a white foam when they spray their foundation but for me, I have never witnessed such. My guess is that the actual pigment is at the bottom of the can and the foam carries it so if you do shake your can vigorously  a few times, then I don’t think you will get the white foam problem.

2. In terms of application, this can get tricky. As I mentioned before, when you spray this onto your hand, it comes out as a foam, but as soon as you touch this foam, it goes POOF. No like really, it deflates and if you’re not quick in dabbing it onto your face (that’s what I do), then you might run the risk of this turning into a sort of liquid-like any kind of foam does. My preferred method of application and what I find works really great for me is after spraying it on the back of my hand, dabbing it onto my face, I take my Sigma F50 Duo Fibre and then I stipple that all over my face and then blend it out in a circular motion (see the video for more details).

3. As you will see from the video,  it distributes really nicely onto your face. The problem is, it may distribute too well and you may find that it’s a bit streaky. Again, I have never witnessed this but seeing how liquid it turns, it’s my speculation.  If you use your fingers you may get the streaky look so I strongly suggest using a duo fibre brush.

4. This foundation, although matte, still is very lightweight and I love that it blends so seamlessly into my skin. I really feel as if I don’t have any makeup on.

Personally, I liked this foundation but I don’t love it. I won’t recommend this to someone who is seriously looking to have an everyday wearable foundation. I think if you like different foundations, then this one is just one to add to your collection.

I hope you enjoyed this review and demo!

XO, The Classy It Girl!


3 thoughts on “Maybelline Dream Nude Airfoam Foundation-Review & Demo!

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