Covergirl Clean Liquid Makeup-Review & Demo!

I bought this recently and thought that I would share my impression of this, as well as give you a little demo.

My thoughts

I really love the Covergirl Clean Liquid foundation for many reasons:

1. The packaging is so cute! The bottle is triangular and glass-something that you don’t really see from drugstore foundations. It’s so compact which makes it perfect for travelling.


2. This is a water based foundation so that means that it won’t clog your pores or make your skin oily. This just about makes it perfect for those of us who were doomed with oily skin.

3. There are 12 beautiful shades to choose from- I have Classic Tan.

0094. I have the foundation for Normal Skin, but there is one for Sensitive Skin as well as an Oil Control one so it definitely caters for all different kinds of skin-how perfect is that!?

5. It’s super lightweight and makes your skin feel so breathable! I wear two coats of foundation when I use this product-just because I want more coverage- but it doesn’t feel heavy at all and it blends seamlessly into your skin.

6. It gives you that ‘no-makeup makeup look’ that I simply adore. It’s amazing and just evens out your skin complexion while giving it a natural, luminous glow.

7. Like I said before, it’s water-based so that means it can give you excellent coverage while preventing oiliness and acne!

8. It is not heavy and it won’t give you that yucky caked look!

The one things that I don’t like about this foundation- which is totally based on preference- is the smell. There’s this uber ‘clean’ smell, almost medicinal, which I don’t really fancy. However, many people like is so it’s just a matter of personal taste.

I love using this foundation during that dreaded time of the month when my skin just starts to go crazy and act up on me. I feel better knowing that the water-based formulation will give me the coverage I want without causing my skin to oil out even more. Overall, I definitely would recommend this to those of us who have acne-proned skin and who would like light-medium coverage without clogging your pores.  Also, I love the luminous look it gives and it just makes your skin look healthy and beautiful.

XO, The Classy It Girl!


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