DIY Manicure!

I love pampering myself through the month-it’s an amazing stress reliever for me and I just feel so happy and rested after. I’ve decided to have a little mini series on my Channel that would be called ‘Spaments’ which would be all about having your own spa moments right in the comfort of your own home.

I always start off by laying down all the items that I would need in a tray.


Lighting a few candles is always a great way to set the ambience and get yourself into the mood.

The Scrub

After I remove any old nail polish from my nails, I make a very simple scrub consisting of baking soda and water. You want your mixture to be like a paste so if it gets too watery, make sure to add a little more baking soda. I used Arm and Hammer which you can find at any grocery store and it’s very inexpensive. To assist with scrubbing my nails, I use a nail brush and you can get that at any drugstore-if you can’t find one, just use a cheap toothbrush! Baking soda is excellent at removing any dirt from your cuticles or your nails.


After I scrub my nails, I dip my hands into some water and then wipe off the excess paste that may be left behind. I mix some olive oil with a few drops of my favourite scented oil-this time, I used almond oil.  I slather my hands generously with the mixture which is very moisturizing and will make up for the dryness I may feel after the scrub. We all know that olive oil is simply amazing for your cuticles as well as nail growth.


To file your nails, always use a wooden nail file/emery board. Never use metal on your nails! I always file my nails in one direction so that I won’t damage or tear my nails.

The Nail File Cube 

I cannot speak my love for these handy little cubes enough! A very long time ago, I made this post on Quick Pre-Nail Polish Prep which was basically about how you can get your nails nailpolish ready if you didn’t have time to have a little mani session. The cube has 4 different textured surfaces numbered 1-4, indicating the order that you will be using it.  The video will have details on this as well as the huge difference it makes on your nails. You can get nail file cubes in any drugstore!

Cuticle Oil

If you don’t have cuticle oil, then don’t stress- you can dab a little olive oil on your cuticles since the vigorous buffing and polishing from the nail cube might have dried/irritated them a bit. If any oil got onto your nails, be sure to wipe it off because you’re going to find it very hard to polish your nails with oil on them!


I apply a base coat followed by the colour of polish that I want-this time I used Jordana’s Garlic Growth Nail Polish and Bikini so Teeny by Essie.


Because I’m a girl with sparkle, I added the Sephora by O.P.I. Topcoat called Flurry Up which had beautiful silver sparkles in it.

Make sure to clean up any mistakes with nail polish remover!

I really hope you enjoyed this post!

XO, The Classy It Girl!


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