Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat Nail Polish Review & Demo!

So a while ago I did a review and demo of the Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Nail Polish which I absolutely love-so much so that I’ve got 6 of them now. Since I’ve jumped on the whole textured nail trend, I decided to pick up a two polishes from the Fuzzy Coat line.


Here’s the video review-make sure and thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe !

I love these because:

  • they are so versatile because the actual polish is clear so it can be used as a decorative polish for any background colour. You can always play with contrasting colours for instance- Tight Knit on a pink background colour!
  • they give your nails gorgeous texture without any effort at all-I love using them as a top coat!
  • you can control how ‘fuzzy’ you want your nail texture to be applying varying amounts of the polish

What I wasn’t too keen on at first was the fact that the polish was actually clear and when I applied it to my bare nail, it took about 4 coats to make it totally opaque- that’s when I realized that it’s better to use it as a top coat because there is so many options that you can play it up! Because the flecks in the polish are like glitter, it can be a bit tricky to come off but once you saturate your nails with a cotton ball with nail polish remover, it won’t be so hard to come out.

All in all, I definitely recommend this polish because of the amount of use you can get out of it! It’s definitely a fun polish so make sure and change up the background polishes on your nails to play up the ‘fuzziness’.

Here’s how lovely Tight Knit looks! This polish has blue and white flecks in it and I chose an electric blue background colour (Bouncer, It’s Me by Essie).




Woolite consists of pale pink-almost white- flecks in it so I think that this one certainly has more potential in terms of being used with practically any background. I applied it on a hot pink background (Fuchsia Power by Sally Hansen).



Hope you enjoyed this post! Do you have any colours in this collection? Comment down below and let me know!

XO, The Classy It Girl!


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