What’s in my Gym Bag?

I love going to the gym but my gym has so many rules…like the size of bags you’re allowed to bring and stuff like that. If you have a big bag, then you have to put it in a locker and bring your own lock and key. To me, that’s just too dramatic so I stick to having a small gym bag just like this one here. P.S. Sorry for the no makeup face- I was actually heading to the gym in a few minutes!

gym bag

It’s just a small one that I got from Victoria’s Secret and I love it because it’s hot pink and it has sequins…and sequins = sparkle! What more could a girl born with glitter in her veins ask for?!

In my gym bag I have: 

  • Two bottles of H2O because I do 60 minutes of spin followed by 60 minutes of zumba so it is really intense. Once I made the mistake of leaving one of my bottles home and I literally almost died during zumba. Okay not literally, but I came awfully close to it!
  • My gym membership card which I love because you just have to swipe it in and your information gets registered into the system
  • A towel- even though I don’t sweat- I know it’s so weird but I think it’s genetic. I do get red though- very red. As in like my tank top colour red…so that must count for something right?
  • My iPod shuffle which I finally learnt how to use and it has more than 27 songs on it now!! Finally. Yes, I know I’m so technology incapable.
  • A little bag of sunflower and pumpkin seeds, mixed up with some dried cranberries. I love this snack as a pre  workout munch because it gives me so much energy and doesn’t fill me up in an uncomfortable way

That’s basically all I have in my gym bag because I just go to the gym and straight back home so I don’t have to carry wipes or change of clothes or anything like that.

What’s in your gym bag?! Comment and let me know! 

Here’s the video showing you all the items I have in mine- don’t forget to thumbs up and subscribe!

XO, The Classy It Girl!


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