How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes!

Hey beauties! Since it’s the weekend, I think that it’s a perfect time for you to go right on and clean up your makeup brushes. Every weekend, I try my best to diligently wash my brushes so that it would be clean for the next week. And why on the weekend? It’s because you are going to need a couple of hours for your brushes to dry. So why not, after all that partying and socializing and whatnot, give your brushes a cleaning they deserve?! Below, as always, there is a video showing you exactly how I clean my brushes.

So you may ask, why even bother to clean your makeup brushes? 

Well, your makeup brushes provide a great environment for trapping

  • dirt
  • oil
  • bacteria
  • germs
  • dust
  • makeup!

When you constantly use your brushes without cleaning them, then you would just be reapplying all of those above yucky things and so much more and this can lead to a host of problems like acne and breakouts on your face- something that you really don’t want! So, let’s get started!

You will need: 

  1. Your dirty makeup brushes (of course)
  2. Baby shampoo (I use Huggies – which I stole from my little brother) OR Any antibacterial (because of course you want to get rid of all those germies) dishwashing liquid  OR Makeup brush cleaner solution if you have
  3. A plate to pour whatever liquid you have for cleaning your brushes
  4. paper towels to dry your brushes on
  5. A silicone over mit (one with different textures) OR the Sigma Brush Cleaning Glove (here’s a special coupon code for July RNL2013 that can be used for 10% off your purchase) OR you can just use your hands!

Now, here is the video showing you how I clean my brushes- don’t forget to LIKE and subscribe!

Have fun cleaning your brushes,

XO, The Classy it Girl!


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