My Drugstore Lip Product Haul! 

I love drugstore lip products. They are so rich and they are incredibly long lasting, so it’s not a surprise that many people think of them as dupes for higher end products. Personally, I have a mixture of drugstore and high end lip products, but budget wise, drugstore lip products are the best and I could never go into a drugstore without picking up something new.

I am in love with the Maybelline Color Whispers. These come in gorgeous shades and they remind me of the Revlon Lip Butters. I must say I prefer the sleek packaging of the Color Whispers though because it isn’t as bulky as the Revlon Lip Butters. Like the latter, they are also very much buildable so they can go from light to intense colours with a few applications. They also go on very smoothly – just like the lip butters. Here are the colours I picked up. Oh btw, the name Color Whisper totally makes sense now right!

01 1.jpg 2 34


These shades were after about two applications of the product. As you can tell, more applications would lead to a deeper and richer colour.

Here comes the Color Sensational Vivids, also by Maybelline. Unlike the Color Whispers and the Revlon Lip Butters, these literally appear as the name suggests- vivid. One application and you would find yourself with an amazing pout. I adore these and I think the 10 super-saturated shades are to die for. In addition to their cremier formula, they are enriched with honey nectar which nourishes lips.




This one looks different because it’s from the VIVID PINKS line of lipsticks.


10 11 12 13 14

Okay so onto the Milani lipsticks. I love the gold packaging just because it makes it look so glamorous and I also appreciate the fact that you can see the colour of the lipstick right at the base of the packaging. First up is Nude Crème and yes, I am a tad bit in love with nude colours as you can clearly see. I love wearing them to the gym because it just gives my lip a little hint of colour.


The Raspberry Rush is truly a deep purple, bordering on a plum shade don’t you think? I must say that all of the Milani lipsticks I bought were extremely rich and pigmented.


Flirty Fuchsia is a deep pink colour and it’s a lot like magenta when I stare at it long enough.


Flamingo Pose is a pretty coral colour but just a bit darker. I love this colour because it goes well with practically everything!


So here are my swatches and mind you, these are after only just one application so you can see how pigmented they are!


I randomly picked up this other nude (yes, a bit overboard here) and this one is a lot darker tinged than all of the nudes you’ve seen already.


And seeing as I had previously picked up totally unflattering shades of Lip Butters for my skin tone last time I went on a haul, I decided to stick to the brighter colours such as this ah-mazing red called Wild Watermelon. It’s so pretty and it’s also very buildable so you can go from dark to light pretty easily.


Here are the swatches!


I can’t get enough of the Just Bitten Kissables by Revlon. I love the peppermint tingle- it just drives me insane! It’s just so refreshing and you would know what I’m talking about once you’ve tried it! I never had anything as bold as the orange one-Rendezvous-, and I picked up the shade Honey because of a sweet tumblr anon who suggested I tried it (thank you for that!)  I love wearing Honey to the gym, especially after my workout!



Here is  my gorgeous EOS collection. I love these because not only are they so cute, but they smell ridiculously good and you will have the intense urge to eat it (trust me). Also, they are really rehydrating and I love how they moisturize my lips. I always use Lemon Drop whenever I finish shower to keep my lips soft and without cracks.

eos1 eos2 eos3 eos4 eos5 eos6

Here is the video showing all of the gorgeous drugstore lip products I got- don’t forget to subscribe!

XO, The Classy It Girl!


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    • I’ve never seen Rimmel in Trinidad unfortunately :( I got them in NY. Lip swatches are fun but when I have so much different shades on my lips get stained so other lipsticks won’t show up good. Thanks for the suggestion and I’m happy you liked it! xo


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