My Summer Food Photodiary! 

I love doing photodiaries and it makes me so motivated to keep my up with my New Year’s Resolution of taking more pictures. As you may come to notice, most of these pictures are all food related- what can I say? I adore food. I really do.

Loving this shrimp bowl that I got at this Thai restaurant. It had shrimp (of course), vegetables, noodles and tofu. I honestly could not get enough!

These avocado spring rolls were to die for! Toss them in that amazing dip and you would not have been able to put them down.

Cheers to this raspberry and kiwi margarita…I asked nicely for the least bit of alcohol possible. This was so delicious and it gave me a slight buzz.

With all the food I was eating, I decided to be good and throw in this delicious mixed salad which contained grape tomatoes, types of lettuce, feta cheese & balsamic vinegar. Anyone say more?

Of course I couldn’t just leave it at salad….right? I had the most amazing food relationship with grilled salmon sandwiched between naan bread, complemented with grilled tomatoes and olives. Oh good lord, What was I supposed to do?

Okay is it a good time to mention that the reason for all of this madness was simply due to shopping? You should have guessed. I am a shopaholic and trust me, that really can work up an appetite!

Talking about an appetite…did I mention I love dessert? How about vanilla cheesecake garnished (yes, I’m going there) with two mounds of decadent vanilla ice cream, blessed with whipped cream and drizzled with chocolate…yes, told you I had problems.

If you didn’t think all of the above was bad enough, then, this will make it worse. How about chocolate ganache topped by delicious vanilla ice-cream, shaved almonds and chocolate and idolized by strawberries. Hallelujah, I think I see the light!

Hope you enjoyed my life through these pictures!

XO, The Classy It Girl!


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