Summer Fashion Diary 2013

Classic in Camo

Every since Paris and I were little girls, our mom would dress up in the same clothes. Paris and I have similar styles and to avoid fighting, we tend to buy the same clothes up to this very day. This Summer OOTD is a perfect example of such. It’s what I like to call ‘classic in camo’ since we’re rocking camouflaged retro high waisted shorts, but the classic piece of a sheer blouse has seen its way through history.

Paris’ Look: 


My Look: 

Roxy Collage

Our Looks:

Retro High-Waisted Camo shorts (from Garage)

Sheer blouse  (from Garage)with a strapless black bralette (from Sirens)

Camo  Collage

Shoes: Paris is rocking her combat boots which she is obsessed with, and I chose to wear lace ballerina flats (from Ardene’s)

Accessories: Paris has a layer of mint green bracelets (from Sears) and an infinity ring (from H&M) , and I have a simple charm bracelet and a stack of rings (from H&M).

Hair- Paris wears her hair deadly straight whereas I like to play up my waves


Lipstick- Paris is wearing Ruby Woo and I am a Russian Red kind of Girl

Roxy Face


Hope you liked these looks! Here is the video with our OOTDs…but I should warn you, there is a little game we included in it called Guess My M.A.C.- where you have to guess which M.A.C. lipstick we have on. I would do another blog post in the near future where I would swatch the shades for you.

XO, The Classy It Girl!


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