Summer 2013

Photodiary: Niagara Falls! 

So my Summer adventures have taken me to the beautiful Niagara Falls in Canada. Before heading out to my journey, of course I had to stock up on some food so I stopped at the nearby TGI Friday’s restaurant with Paris.


Paris and I at TGIFs I love my daisy headband!


Our menus


I had my usual- Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri- and Paris had an Iced Tea


Paris had Italian pasta and shrimp- doesn’t it look delicious!


I had Steamed Tilapia and vegetables which tasted amazing with the fresh seasoning and lemon.

Niagara Falls

The view of the falls from my hotel window

My sister Paris and I went firstly on the Maid of the Mist which took us straight into the falls- well as much as we could go any way. From afar, you won’t understand the power and the magnitude of the falls, but when on a tiny boat directly in the middle and surrounded by the thunderous sound of trillions of water crashing around you, only then would you truly be able to comprehend the awe and the glory of nature.

Niagara Falls

The view from the Maid of the Mist

And in the midst (get it? Maid of the Mist haha) I managed to spot this beautiful rainbow.


Look at the pretty rainbow

Ice-cream time! I had chocolate (of course- I’m a die hard chocoholic) and Paris had mixed vanilla and chocolate soft-served.


Ice-cream in the park

After the Maid of the Mist, we went on this Whirlpool Aerocar which took us straight across the gorge. For more information click on this link.


Tickets for the Whirlpool Aerocar

When that fun little trip was over, we went to the beautiful butterfly conservatory which I think was my favourite part. I loved how the butterflies were so uninhibited and free to fly wherever they wanted. One even landed on Paris who ended up having a slight panic attack- that had me in hysterics of course!


The butterfly that landed on Paris


I loved the butterflies- I wouldn’t have minded them landing on me at all!


My outfit was this beige crotched top with an orange spandex inside. I had on my jeans because the weather was a bit chilly at this time. I absolutely loved my flower headband and moustache necklace!


Paris wore her aviator shades, white lace top and her jeans as well.


Of course I had a leather jacker to help me battle the chill- mind you, it was like 7:30…in the night

The butterfly conservatory was then followed by a trip to the gorgeous flower clock…yes, a real live working clock with hands and everything- including a minute hand. The time was told by the letters NIAGARA PARKS and the each of the numbers had such beautiful flowers. Click here to find out more!


Paris and I in front of the flower clock!

So, that was basically the end of my daylight adventures at Niagara Falls! I hope you enjoyed these pictures and I cannot wait to share lots more with you!

Here’s a video recapping everything we did!

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XO, The Classy It Girl!


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