Sigma Make Me Blush Brush Set Review

These gorgeous set of brushes come encased in a beautiful coral box. There are 12 brushes in total and I chose the Make Me Blush set over the Make Me Classy set mainly because it had a pink hue to it, as opposed to the latter, which was black. The images on Sigma though showed the Make Me Blush brushes to be pink but when I got them, they were more coral toned- slightly disappointing but it’s not something that I would kick that much of a fuss over.

Brushes of the Make Me Blush Essential Kit

The actual brushes are to die for- like talk about swoon-worthy! I am in love with them. They are excellent especially if you’re now starting off with makeup and you would like to have a brush set that can get the majority of the work done. I know that there are like a thousand more brushes, but personally, for me, I think these are just perfect for me.

I have been used these brushes for about two months now and I have no complaints. I love the craftsmanship of this set:

– the dual case that snaps into two so you can put your clean brushes and your dirty brushes into the separate ‘containers’

Brush Collage

– the metallic light pink ferrules are sturdy and none have decided to fall off as yet

– they are so soft on your skin and give your that flawless finish

– they have a strong grip and they are just a great fit in my hands

I have a video which speaks in detail about each brush and I have linked it in below. But as I promised, I am working for both my amazing readers and viewers, so I have described all the brushes for you in detail accompanied by close ups.

Review of Make Me Blush 

Face Brushes: 

Large Powder- F30

Large Powder Collage

This is for that even and flawless application of powder- whatever kind that maybe (translucent, mineralized, foundation etc.) I love to use this brush with my mineralized powder after applying foundation to my face.

Duo Fibre- F50

Duo Fibre Collage

I cannot even express how much I am in love with this brush! I use it every single day because of the airbrushed finish that it gives me. It is perfect for liquid or powder products but for me, it’s main use is to stipple my Revlon Color Stay Whipped Foundation. This brush just works wonders for me when it comes to giving me that beautiful finish.

Large Angled Contour- F40 

Again, this is one of my absolute faves from this collection. Like the duo fibre, I use if relentlessly every single time I apply makeup. It is for applying makeup to your cheek/cheekbones and seeing as I am addicted to bronzing and contouring my cheekbones, this is just a magical brush. I prefer it for bronzing and contouring, but sometimes, I would use it to apply blush.

Large Contour Collage

Foundation- F60

Foundation Collage

This is obviously for foundation application but for me, I do not really use this brush because I prefer dabbing foundation onto my face and then stippling it using my Duo Fibre brush.

Concealer- F70

Concealer Collage

This is perfect for concealing small, hard-to-reach areas like around your nose and your eyes. I love it for just smoothing out my concealer, especially under my eyes and sometimes, around my lips when I have a ton of colour on and I just want to neaten up around the edges.

Eye Brushes 

Medium Angled Shading- E70 

Medium Angled Collage

This brush is to apply colour to your lips and your brow bone area; it can also be used to blend the crease but I prefer to use the Tapered Blending brush as you would see later on. Nonetheless, I love using this brush when I really want to get makeup in my tear-duct area. I think it works great for that inner 1/3 of your eyes.

Large Shader Brush- E60

Large Shader Collage

Again, this would be used to apply makeup on your lids- be it base or powder. It can also be used for the application of cream shadows for bases. However, I personally don’t like using it for cream eyeshadows since I find that they tend to make the brush a bit stiff after a while. I prefer to use my ring finger for applying cream-based products and then I love using this brush to pat on powdered product onto my lids since I find that it absolutely makes the lid colour POP!

Eye Shading- E55

Eye Shading Collage

Another great brush for colour application onto the lids. Again, it really makes the colours pop, especially after adding a cream base/shadow to your lids.

Tapered Blending- E40

Tapered Blending Collage

One of my absolute go-to/ must-have brushes! I use this like an addict when I am applying a multitude of eye makeup and I just want to blend everything out using that clichéd windscreen (is it windshield?) wiper motion. It really provides that diffused, blended look.

Small Angle- E65

Small Angle Collage

I use this primarily when using gel liner because it really gives me that perfect cat-eye look. It’s great for precise lining- both on the upper and lower lash lines. You can also use it for applying powder liners as well.

Pencil- E30

Pencil Collage

Don’t even get me started. this is again part of my top five brushes because seeing that I am addicted to wearing kajal and lining my lower lashes with mega pops of colour, this is perfect for just smudging out the liner below my lashes and this really intensifies this area. You can also use it on your upper lash line to smudge out your eye-liner as well to really give you that smoky look. It can also be used to brighten your tear-duct as well.

Eyeliner- E05

Eyeliner Collage

Used to create smooth even lines with liquid or gel liner. However, I have never used this brush on my eyes- I actually use it as a lip liner. I love it especially when I’m doing a bold red lip or even an ombre styled lip. I prefer using the Small Angled brush for lining my lids.


So, there we have it, all the brushes and what they are used for as well as what I use them for. I know that it was a bit lengthy, but it’s a great overview if you want to buy a brush set for your everyday makeup application.


Here is the video and I hope you enjoy it! Don’t forget to subscribe!

XO, The Classy It Girl!



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