How to Prevent Kajal from Smudging

How to Prevent Kajal from Smudging! 

I also love wearing Kajal (aka khol) because it really brightens your eyes and I especially am crazy about the colourful ones which make brown eyes pop.


I’m wearing Kajal in the shades Violet by Kleancolor!

To avoid pesty smudging, you can try out the following tips! 

1. Ensure that your eyes area is completely oil free. You can use a toner and a Q-tip swab in order to ensure this is done as the oil generates a surface that would make the Kajal prone to moving.

2. Ensure that you use face powder-just a light pat under the eyes- when applying the Kajal as this would absorb any of the Kajal if it begins to smudge.

3. In keeping with the line of the oil-absorbing properties of powder, after you line your lids, use black eyeshadow (if your kajal is black) right under the line you have drawn and you can smudge it out with a smudger/pencil brush. Not only will this help absorb the Kajal, it would create an added dramatic look to your eyes.

4. You can also apply liquid liner right below the line where you have applied your Kajal. When the liquid liner dries, it sort of provides an anti-smudging barrier against the Kajal.

5. If all else fails, you can definitely try to find a waterproof Kajal/khol liner.

6. I know that this may seem obvious, but never ever rub or touch your eyes once your Kajal is on-it will definitely lead to smudging!!

Hope this helps the next time to decide to wear Kajal!

XO, The Classy It Girl!


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