My Favourite Lipstick Collection…

at the moment

I simply cannot express how much I adore these Luxury Crème Matte Lipsticks by L.A. Girls. The formula is so rich and creamy and it stays on your lips for the entire day- no exaggeration! I only have eight at the moment but trust me, I’m gearing up for a huge haul pretty soon so that I can buy a ton more lipsticks. These are so inexpensive and you can just hit Google to see where you can find some to order  (if’ you’re not from Trinidad and there’s no Wonderful World store!). I just did a few swatches for you and there’s even a video at the end showing how they look on a complexion like mine!

Swatches that I did from the current 8 lipsticks that I have,

Swatches that I did from the current 8 lipsticks that I have.

They are so highly pigmented you will go crazy like I am! My favourite colours are of course, the pinks- True Love and Last Night. But I must confess that I have a love affair for Rendez-vous, which is that amazing nude colour. Romance is a bit on the deep end for me but I love taking chances and rocking an ox-blood shade lip- why not? Love Sick is such a pretty vivacious pink- it’s what I like to call a Barbie Pink or a Nicki Minaj pink. When I wear it, I swear it’s like I’m screaming Va Va Voom or something like that.

Yes, I’m dramatic like that.

Soulmate is a fierce red and Pure Ecstasy is a step outside of my comfort zone, with it’s orangish-nudish undertones. I think it would look amazing with floral prints- just throwing that in there!  I love wearing Passion as my go-to look, especially for school because it’s not a shocking pink, but it has the brightness that I love.

Aren't they so vibrant!

Aren’t they so vibrant!

Another thing that blows my mind is the fact they all have an amazing scent. To me, it smells almost citrus-like, but I can’t quite put my finger nose on it. It’s such an appealing scent I just can’t help but take a whiff every time I open them . If you try these out, please let me know what you think they smell like! 006

Things that I love: 

– highly highly pigmented – moisturising without that sticky after-feel (which I hate) – very inexpensive – sleek packaging

Things that I don’t love:

– the covers sometimes come off very easily- but as long as you cap ’em securely, it shouldn’t fall off. 


All in all, I am in love with this collection! I strongly suggest you to check these out because you won’t regret it!

Kisses, The Classy It Girl!


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