Hey beautiful!

I am so happy to be back on the blogoshpere- yes, I took a little hiatus but let’s not judge. As you can see I completely revamped my entire blog and I’m so happy with the final product! What do you think? I think there comes a time when you just want to grow as a person and just reinvent yourself. And while not everyone can be Miley and Hanna Montana in real life, it just takes a fresh outlook on life to make you see that change really isn’t so bad after all.

Seems like it’s some magical twist of fate- but today happens to be my two year anniversary on the blogosphere- well that’s what WordPress so kindly told me anyway (applaud nonetheless).

You cannot imagine how excited I am to finally be back after like what? 5-6 months? I’m not gonna bust ya mind with any kind of sappy excuses, but let me just give you a brief update on my life!

1. Today officially marks the day where I have completed my Bsc. in Biochemistry! It’s been three years too long but I am tremendously happy to be done and over with. When graduation time rolls around sometime in October, I’ll definitely keep you posted.

2. I have been focusing a lot on my YouTube channel which I made over as well so make sure and check it out! I will be posting about basically everything that you see in that pretty white banner on top the page…yes that one (I know you looked up…I’m watching you. Haha. Okay now that was cheesy…now I’m just talking to myself. Haha.).  You can basically see all the things I’ve been doing since then- feel free to click subscribe!  But with regards to my blog and my channel, I will definitely be syncing them together since I love all my readers and my viewers so very much!

And yes, that’s basically the only two things that have been my main focus in all those months where I deserted you beautiful souls.

Okay well it’s technically not all…I mean, I kinda maybe have a social life right?

Quick random updates/thoughts in the literal order that they are possessing my mind:

1. This last semester has gotten me ridiculously FAT. I mean I was in a pageant- and I lost a ton of weight- but then exams made me, yes, I’m blaming this time, it MADE me fat…so now I’ve just got to kick myself back into the gym. Oh yeah- some Eat Clean Train Dirty Posts maybe!?

2. I NEED to read all of the books that I piled up for my Summer reading- what are you reading?

3. I am going to do over my entire bedroom- share your ideas pretty please!

4. I’m going to drag you along with me on all my Summer adventures- any requests?

5. I also am planning a few videos so if you would like to request something, speak now or forever hold your peace! That’s right, I went there.

Love you all so very much and thank you so much for sticking around. I’m so happy that you’re reading this right now, and I just want to tell you to really don’t be afraid of living your life in the most decadent and meaningful way possible. Never stop smiling and don’t forget- happiness is a choice.

XO, The Classy It Girl!


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