DIY Jewellery Organizers!

I am obsessed not only with pink, pretty, sparkly and all things glam- but also chic organization methods that make everything look so fabulous. The trend that I usually keep is one of display. I love for all my jewellery to be on display- well at least my absolute favourite pieces.

Being home gave me the inspiration and the time that I needed in order to reorganize my entire dresser and I made 3 pieces which you can also make by watching the video tutorial at the end! In addition, in the video, you would see other inexpensive and adorable ways you too can revamp your dresser for 2013!

Arm Candy Display

Arm Candy Display!

This is just an old beer bottle that I took and painted. I then decorate it with some lace and ribbon and stacked all my favourite arm candy on it.

Arm Candy Display

This is one of my fave pieces – a simple bracelet with the word Life on it. I love wearing things that are not only fashionable, but meaningful.

Earring Display

Earring Display

I just used an old picture frame that I had and stuck down an draw holder to it. Alternatively you can use lace like I did as well. I think that I fancy the lace quite a bit, but the draw holder is also great.

This is one of my fave earrings. I am loving electric blue these days and it just looks so sophisticated!


The next thing I made was this necklace display. I used 3 small canvases- but you can use any amount and any size that you like- and some old draw knobs which I glitterfied and stuck to it.

Necklace Display
Necklace Display

One of my fave necklaces is this heart shaped one that both my sister and I have.


If you loved these ideas and want to know how to make them, check out this video!




6 thoughts on “DIY Jewellery Organizers!

    • Well you can use screw but mine didn’t have any screws in them. They were just little knobs so I glue it in. You can also try to glue your draw knobs down to the canvas. If you have any old chess pieces you can stick them to the canvas if you like, or even thumb tacks that you can paint with nail polish!


      • I also loved the chess piece idea. I had a set home and while I was experimenting with it I chose the little pawns but I edited it out of the video- I guess I shouldn’t have :( Well I’m glad you asked and it was no problem at all! Let me know how it goes! xo


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