Christmas Gift Ideas for The Boyfriend

Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Guy 

I decided to do this post thanks to a question posted on my Tumblr:

“what do you suggest as gifts for the boyfriend? im totally just at a lost as to what i shall get him for christmas! helppp!”

I loved this question and it’s totally appropriate since the holidays are right around the corner (I’m so excited Yay!) so I decided to dedicate a post to it.

In my relationship, my guy and I usually tell each other exactly what we want for any occasion- be it Christmas, Birthday, Valentines or our Anniversary. That way, we both get exactly what we want and it’s so much better I think because it takes away the stress of the situation of having to go and look for something and being worried if he won’t like it.

Last year my darling got his Call of Duty 3 I think it was (either that or Modern Warfare…maybe they’re the same thing lol-) I can’t really remember, and I got this amazing FOX handbag which I LOVE!! It’s just so perfect I can’t help but be obsessed.

This year, we already planned what we’re getting each other but I won’t say until after- and I’m so excited for mine!!

However, if you don’t opt for this tell all, here are some great gifts that you can give your guy:

1. If he’s into music, then a Beats headphone/headset is just perfect for him. He can use it at the gym or while just relaxing at home (of course, it doesn’t have to be by Dre). 

2. Cologne. You can never go wrong with this because who doesn’t love a great smelling guy to cuddle up with? A nice and sophisticated scent is not only sexy but definitely something that would be much more appreciated than an everyday cologne. 


3. Latest Video Games. Lots of guys are crazy over the latest video game releases and I’m 100% sure that they will love this kind of gift. Of course, you should be prepared for the slight lack of attention that this will bring on your end- don’t say I didn’t warn you!

4. A spa gift certificate. Who said guys don’t like being pampered? A nice spa massage would be great for your guy and he’ll feel so refreshed and rejuvenated after- and I’m sure he’ll thank you in a very special way after. There are so many great unique options available such as hot stones, seaweed wraps or even chocolate ones so make sure and do your research!

5. Brand name tee-shirts such as Quiksilver, Ferrari or even a football kit from his favourite team which I know he would absolutely love!  On the theme of clothing, you can also add to the list an authentic leather belt, slippers or even personalized cuff links.

6.  A watch is a great classic piece that you can give your guy. It oozes of sophistication and he’ll definitely use it so he won’t ever be late for you. 

7. A lovely leather wallet is another great gift item for your guy. You can choose from a wide range of his favourite designers and go with that. It’s something that he would definitely treasure. 

8. A great pair of sunglasses are perfect for him and it’s also a great accessory to jazz up his look. Think of how yummy he’ll look lazing on the beach with you. 

9. A shaving set such as one from Gillette is great for keeping your guy looking scrumptiously clean shaven. He’ll definitely love a travel size kit or even one to use for his everyday look. 

10. Pictures – there’s nothing quite as special as memories frozen in time. You can buy a big picture frame with multiple places for pictures, or you can opt for just a single meaningful picture. You can also think about doing a scrapbook (I love this idea but I just haven’t gotten around to it as yet!) because that way you have unlimited options to personalize it and put in little trinkets here and there. 

Hope these helped!


The Classy It Girl!


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