Style for the Beach!

Style for the Beach

Sunny skies, blue waves, hot sand, the aroma of the ocean… yes, the August vacay is coming to an end and for those of you rushing to go on the last minute beach trips, I’ve got some STYLE must haves that you will surely be thankful that had.

1.     Lip gloss

This is so that you can always have that hint of colour on your lips, even when you spent hours in the water. It’s an added bonus if you use a lip gloss/ balm that has SPF for extra protection since the heat might dry out your lips.

2.      Sunglasses

Going to the beach without sunglasses is a major faux pas. With global warming coming at us from all directions, we’ve got to protect our eyes from that glaring sun! Just remember not to ever leave your shades on when you’re lazing on the sand- you definitely do NOT want to get a print out on your face!

3.     H2O

Trust me on this one, water is one of the greatest beach accessories! On the beach, there are the moments where you will just about do anything to get a drink of cool, refreshing water as you may have probably swallowed enough beach water for a lifetime. Instead of using normal plastic bottles that you just buy and throw away though, you can probably invest in a reusable metallic one or a good plastic one; that way, you can save the environment by reusing. Really, it’s a win-win situation: style and being an earth friendly chic!

4.     Flat Sandals/ Flip-flops

Remember when I sad “hot sand” above, well, that’s no understatement. So unless you want to be paralyzed on the beach because the sand will burn your feet up, don’t forget your flip-flops (or anything that’s casual and easy to slip off)! I should mention here that you may want to invest in something that can match with all your beach wear so consider nude, white or black.

5.     A denim short pants (or any kind of shorts)

This is for the moments when you decide that you need to buy bake n’shark maybe? Or even run back to the car for something. Even though it’s the beach, you don’t want to be running across any roads or waiting in long food lines flashing what the good lord gave you.

6.     A beach cover-up

This is something like a sheer dress, beach dress, beach wrap or even simply a white tank top that can do what it essentially says- cover up. Maybe you might want to take a walk on the beach or you just feel like not being in your swimsuit, this is a perfect option. Another great idea is using a lightweight scarf to wrap around your bikini bottoms to add some style!

7.     Accessories!

Spice up your beach outfit with a long beaded chain and bangles- 1 huge one will often do the job better than several smaller ones, especially when you want to slip it off before you go in the water. Remember, keep it simple! You do not want to look absurd. Go for the effortless look.

8.     A cute bag/tote

You’ve got to carry all of these things in something!

Good luck and hope your next beach trip is nothing but stylish!

Girly It Girl <3 


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