Quick Pre-Nail Polish Prep

Okay so many of you would have probably recognised by now my obsession for nail polish and fun Girly It Girl nail designs. Right now I’ve just taken off my nail polish and now I’m drooling over this amazing nail polish- Sinful Colors: Pink Shell- and I can’t wait to put it on. But like so many of us, I really don’t feel up for the entire mani drill so here’s my suggestion when a bout of laziness hits us: a 7 sided nail file such as Avon’s 7-in-1- Nail File! (Another great option is a nail file cube).

The following image is an example of the 7 sided nail file, and the one below it, is a nail file block which essentially performs the same function as the nail file.

Whichever one you feel comfortable with will definitely do the job of prepping your nails and making them polish ready in under 5 minutes. An added bonus is that they are both super portable so you can touch up your nails whenever and wherever you want. When you finish do your nails by following the steps, you can put on a clear coat of nail polish so that your nails will get that lovely gleam that looks so professional!

After you put the clear/ base coat, you can then put on the nail polish of your choice whenever you get the time. Don’t for one second think that after taking off your nail polish that your nails need to look chipped, uneven, rough etc. Remember, Classy It Girls take pride in the way the look, and having pretty nails are a MUST. Once you get in the habit of cleaning them and grooming them after nail polish changes, it will seem effortless.


The Classy It Girl!



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