The Clutch-The Prom Must Have!

The Girly Must Have for Grads: The Clutch


So my dearest girls, “GRADS” is coming up (not that abused American word prom) and I’ll be offering a little bit of help here when it comes to one very important detail that may have been forgotten, and trust me, it’s definitely something you don’t want to miss out on.

Like most of us, we are not some famous celebrities or Lady Gagas who have their overbearing assistants, make-up artists, hair-stylists and the rest of their entourage  hounding their every move;  we are simply girls who want to be transformed into the aforementioned celebrities (except perhaps for the Gaga look because that may be too drastic in this case).  Regardless of whether we are tomboys, nerds and whatever else there is, on this day, we are all Girly It Girls…and every Girly It Girl needs The Clutch on the night of Grads.

I’m sure you all know what this is- the modern upgrade to the old fashioned “purse” or draw-string bag or whatever they called it back then. Face it, The Clutch is now a must have when it comes to Grads for us girls. While the boys have it easy just waltzing in there with a pretty lady attached to his side (they’re obviously looking pretty for several reasons), they have no idea what goes on to make us look so dazzling on the big night or what we have to continue to do to make us look oh so fabulous during the course of that night.

First things first, you need to acquire a clutch (that obviously matches your outfit) if you don’t already own one, or if you already own one but it doesn’t compliment your dress. Neutral shades are more than fine but if you feel the need to jazz up your look, feel free to get whatever suits your dress, style or personality.  The Clutch, since being more-or-less small already, must be able to be closed once you have all the necessities inside, and it therefore ought not to be bulging at any time. It’s simply unattractive and alarming, and not-to-mention impractical to be holding as you dance the night away.

The Necessities:

  1. The Cell phone: really and truly, in this day and age, we girls don’t go anywhere without our phones, and grads is no exception. As perfect as we want this night to be, life really isn’t that fair at times so you never know when the unexpected might happen and you may need to call for instance-your parents to come and get you or even your date, should he be late (God forbid on both counts).
  1. The Tinted Lipgloss: after all the appetizers and the eating  etc, it’s very unattractive to have your lipstick faded away and your lips looking pale and bland. It is at this moment- or the moment when you raise your glass to your lips only to realize that all your lipstick has been imprinted onto the glass- where you’ll be grateful that you have your lipgloss with you. And why do I say lipgloss instead of lipstick, well, tinted lipgloss is much more refreshing as opposed to lipstick, and it adds that much wanted shine instead of that matte-looking heavy appearance of lipstick.
  1. Two small hair clips aka bobby pins: realistically speaking, your hair isn’t going to stay perfectly for the entire night, and especially after all that moving on the dance floor, chances are that you’ll be much disheveled. If you don’t mind this, that’s all up to you, but remember, there’s always going to be a camera lurking around and when the pics hit FB, you don’t want to be begging anyone to remove them or untag you.
  1. A small brush/comb and a safety pin: this goes hand in hand with the previous step: helping you to maintain that fresh-out-of-the-salon-look. For the safety pin, accidents happen and if something gets torn or a strap comes loose, you’ll be more than grateful
  1. Your camera: this is of course, if you don’t plan on using your phone. Just make sure that the screen is protected because you do not want anything happening to this.
  1. Money: you may have to find yourself buying your own drinks and you don’t want to be dehydrating yourself because you can’t afford a coke or you’re too proud to ask someone to buy it for you, especially if you’re a single lady. It’s generally a good practice to always walk with a little cash wherever you go, and tonight is no exception.
  1. A mint or gum: face it, bad breath sucks, and it’s something that you don’t want to have to worry about after you eat.

**An option is eyeliner and mascara but then you don’t want your eyes looking raccoon-like and you definitely do not want your lashes to become too laden with mascara as this may cause it to start clumping. This is really up to you and what you’re comfortable with.

So there you have it, the 7 Necessities which comprise The Clutch- every girl’s must have for the night of grads. Have fun on your special night!

Love Always,

Girly It Girl! 


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