10 Cute Last Minute Gifts for The Girls

Okay so maybe you meant to pick up that cute top that you saw, and you meant to get her that bag she really wanted…So we’ve all beenthere done that: forget to get a gift for a girlfriend, or maybe you just don’t know what on earth to give her. These 10 gift items are perfect gifts for any girl and they are really easy to get together, especially when you’re in a rush.

1. Scented Candles

You can never go wrong with cute scented candles. They’re relatively inexpensive and it’s not a hard task to choose something that she’d like. You’re always safe with cinnamon, vanilla, lavender or even citrus scents. Try to keep the candles colourful and if you want, you can always add some décor (if you have time) to the candle holder to add that personalized touch.

2. Lingerie 

Come on, what girl doesn’t love sexy under clothes?! It’s such a great gift because every girl does sexy. Of course, this does not mean that you have to go overboard. A simple boy shorts with a matching bra would do just fine, or maybe bottom pieces as well. I think that whenever you’re buying one bottom piece, you should always get a bra (or a top piece) that would match. It’s better-and more practical- to have an entire outfit instead of bits and pieces of one.

3. Gift Cards/ Certificates

Be it at a spa, make-up store, clothes store, shoe store, her favourite store-whatever the case may be. 4. Body Lotions and Body Scrubs The smells of Bodycology lotions are amazing, but there are so many great lotions that are scented that you can get your gf. Nice body washes are also a great gift idea. You can maybe put together a body wash and lotion combo instead of buying something that’s already packaged and which may be more expensive.

5. Cupcakes 

Instead of buying a whole cake, cupcakes are really cute, especially if you decide to custom design them or pre-order. You can just call or place an order for about a dozen and then just pick it up right before you meet up with her. Just make sure that you call and confirm. If you didn’t have time to do all of that, just pick up cupcakes at the grocery or bakery.

6. A Mini Make-Up Haul 

Who doesn’t need mascara, lipgloss, eyeliners, nail polish…If you’re running out of time, it’s practically nothing to buy some make-up and put it in a really juicy coloured gift bag. A girl can never be short of these essentials, and there are also so many new products on the market all the time, you’ll rarely have to wonder whether she has this shade of green eyeliner!

7.  A Picture Frame

This is perfect for the bff. A great pic of both of yall in a chic picture frame is something where you can’t go wrong with. Just please, for heave’s sake, make sure that she’s really looking good. It’s not about you this time around.

8. Champagne/ Wine 

Who can resist  a little bubbly? And even if she’s not a drinker, there’s always non-alcoholic wine. It’s a classy gift for a classy Girly It Girl!

9. Dinner at a Fancy Restaurant

Take your girlfriend out for birthday dinner at a really nice restaurant or somewhere that specialises in her favourite food e.g. an Italian or Mexican  restaurant-and make sure you (and your other friends) pay!

10.  A Bouquet of Flowers 

Whether you know her favourite flowers or not, flowers are always welcomed, and you can even get a pretty vase to go with it instead of leaving in the plastic. Many flower shops, groceries and even SuperPharm has flower arrangements that you can just pick up and go!


1) I really suggest that you always keep a stock of pretty blank cards so that if you don’t have time to carefully select a birthday card, you can always have a blank one on hand where you can just write something sentimental to her. 
2) Every gift that you have looks twice as better in cute gift bags with colourful tissue paper, so instead of fighting up to wrap a gift, just use a giftbag! 

  Hope these help you out! 

Much Love, Girly It Girl! <3 


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