The Girly It Girl Grads/ Prom Check-list!

So my ladies, the time is here once more-The Grads/Prom season, and I’m here to help you just get yourself a little organized least you forget anything at all that you may need. Right now, there’s still time for you to make sure that you’ve got everything, so please don’t procrastinate any more and get a move on! 

Things you NEED on the Night: 

1. Your dress (obviously): make sure it’s a perfect fit though- you don’t want any loose threads or spoilt zippers or saggy waistlines. Also, you want to have the right coloured bra to go with the dress because it won’t be nice if it prints out in every picture.

2. The perfect pair of heels to carry you along the way-make sure that you walk around your house in your heels so that you can get used to them. That way, you can avoid blisters the next day.

3. A dazzling clutch



Things to Do on the Day: 

 Well by now you should have made your appointment to do your hair and your nails so that on your big night you wont be kicking yourself and rushing to find someone to fix your hair and do your nails for you. 

1. Hair: you’re of course free to do whatever you like, just make sure that it would last for the majority of the night! 

2. Nails

3. Face Mask: I like to put on a face mask on the day of something very important because it really does wonders for your complexion, especially since you’re going put on makeup that should last the whole night. Your face deserves a treat don’t you think?

4. Make-up: Whether you’re going to do this yourself or by a make-up artist, time your appointment properly so that you would not have your make-up sweating off your face…that’s the last thing you want.

Hope this helps and don’t forget to have fun on your big night! 

Girly It Girl <3 


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