10 Daily Habits Challenge-At least for Summer

So it’s the July-August holiday time aka  Summer Time, and I know that things could go either way- you can get completely into the summer time groove and forget to take care of yourself OR, you may believe that you have absolutely nothing to do. In order to keep yourself balanced a little bit, I’ve suggested that you orient yourself with these 10 Daily Habits (at least for Summer because when the new semester starts, you may not have enough time to do everything on the list. 

10 Daily Habits-At least for Summer

1. Exercise for at least 15 minutes: besides the obvious fact that you want to always look and feel great, there are so many other health benefits associated with regular exercise: 

  • It’s a great energy booster, so when you feel as if you’re sleeping away the summer, just find it in yourself to get up and do some physical activity for at least 5 minutes (that counts as exercise after all). Doing this everyday would make your body more efficient at burning calories thereby giving you more energy all the day long. That way, you can find yourself doing something productive.
  • Daily exercise can also contribute to the strengthening of your immune system so there would be less chances of you getting sick at least this vacation. You might want to be mindful though, that too much exercise can lead to the weakening of your immune system.
  • Exercise is a known stress reducer. It takes your problems away as your focus all your energy on working out and being fit. It’s also a great way of channelling any negativity around you so that you can have a more intense burn-out session.
  •  You can improve your self-esteem as you would be able to reduce those love-handles that you may want to get rid off, or even try to get abs (that’s my goal this summer), tone your legs and arms, firm that butt etc. Besides, nothing is better than ripping off a swimsuit and knowing that you look and feel confident about yourself.
2. Eat at least one fruit- Not only will you get a rich source of vitamins and minerals, your skin will thank you…besides, they’re yummy!

3. Indulge: Do at least one thing that truly makes you happy. My indulgence is reading. I don’t really get the chance to read anything besides textbooks during the school term so what I do, is collect all the books that I want to read during the vacation, and then sit back and take them all in. For some people, reading may not be their love, but there are so many other things such as playing your favourite instrument, painting, writing…whatever you really love to do but often never have the time. So go ahead, don’t be afraid to indulge in your passion and hobbies.

4. Learn something new everyday. It doesn’t necessarily have to be something specific, but if you decide to take a particular topic for instance, constellations, and learn as much as you can each day, that’s also really great. If not, you can check out BBC news online, or even browse the national geographic website. You can also check out this really great site to boost your knowledge:  http://www.edutube.org/. N.B. This does not include learning a new word which is the next point.

5. Learn a new word each day to improve your speaking, writing and reading abilities. If you’re more of a technology person, you can always sign up for a Free Word of the Day by email courtesy Merriam Webster. Here’s the website: http://www.merriam-webster.com/word-of-the-day/. The advantage of this is that you get the definitions, parts of speech as well as examples, the origin of the word and a test your memory section, so this is definitely something that I’d recommend you take up.

6. Do at least one good deed for someone else, be it washing the dishes for your mom, taking out the trash, baking cookies for your friends, babysitting, doing something for your neighbour. You get the point.


Barbara Walters 

7. Tidy up for 10 minutes. Is there something you’re dreading to clean e.g. your room? your desk? your school bag? your closet? your bathroom? Take a deep breath and dive in for at least 10 minutes. If you have a timer, use that, if not, use your phone, or even your microwave. If all those fail, just use a good old-fashioned clock. It’s only 10 minutes.  Honestly, how bad it could be? Who knows, you might even get so into it that you find yourself on a cleaning spree! Besides, it’s a chance to surprise yourself with what you just may find. Remember, Girly It Girls take pride in their surroundings so come on, time to get cleaning!

8. Tell yourself: “I am responsible for what I want in my life. How can I make this day better?”  Take the initiative and do something that would improve your day and in turn, your life.

9. Be positive. No matter what comes your way, no matter how bad it is, always maintain a positive attitude. Always remember that no matter how bad things are on your end, someone is having an even worse time. Instead of sitting and feeling sorry for yourself, do something to make you feel better. Something that you WANT to do. Think about something else. Distract yourself. If all that fails, DEAL WITH IT. Just get over whatever the problem. Deal with the situation and try to make the outcome better. Your life is ultimately in your hands. Don’t forget that. No one or no situation has power over you unless you give them that.

10. Make a list of the things that you have to do for the next day, that way you can keep yourself occupied and gain a perspective on your life. Not only all the things that you have to do, but all the things that you WANT to do the next day. This means that you would at least go to sleep feeling excited about all the possible things that you can get to do the next day. This is also a motivator to keep you off your bed and up and about, enjoying the precious life that you have.

So these are my 10 Daily Habits for Summer Challenge that I have for you, so Good Luck!!! 

Love Always, 

Girly It Girl <3 

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