Girly It Girls Speak Properly!

Rule number one of having lady-like decorum, is that a Girly It Girl does NOT swear-curse. Not only is is unattractive, but it really isn’t as cool as you would think it is.

Actually, swearing is merely a sign that you cannot express yourself properly i.e., you have a limited vocabulary, since it’s “eff this ” and “eff that” every time something goes wrong. As a Girly It Girl, you need to show a sense of refinement. You should represent elegance and class. Classy girls never swear.

I’m certainly not saying to speak with an accent or pack your sentence with huge words, because that may just make you look as if you’re trying too hard (tacky). What I am saying is that you should find other words to express yourself when you’re in one of your many moods.

To expand your vocabulary, maybe you can learn a new word each day. Just open a dictionary and randomly choose a word and make an effort to use it at least once for the day. Not only will it help with your writing skills, you can easily impress others when you’re going to get a job for instance; our your teachers,  even your friends! There are some great online games available to help you out with this task. A great way to learn is at

Remember, Girly It Girls are holistic individuals, and we’re not only pretty, but we’re smart.

Read some Jane Austen books. If you don’t know her, Austen was an English writer who stands as one of the greatest in English literature because of her cutting remarks, straightforwardness and frankness, romantic notions, irony and social commentary.

Pride and Prejudice is a good start because besides having a movie out, it’s pretty easy to follow. Need some inspiration to read Jane Austin? Watch The Jane Austen Book Club or even Becoming Jane, to get you in the mood. Some other books she’s written include Mansfield Park, Sense and Sensibility, Emma and Northanger Abbey.

Another way to broaden your vocabulary is to talk to people from different walks of life, be it cultural or job-related. There’s an opportunity in every corner for you to brush up on your words

Besides reading novels, be open to poetry, Shakespeare, plays, magazines -and not just Cosmo, Teen Vogue etc; try some National Geographic every once in a while- and even games such as crossword puzzles or Word Search: basically any material that can help you gain mastery over your language.


Good luck with your Word-A-Day Project

Girly It Girl Forever <3



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