Girly It Girls Have Good Attitudes!

Besides having a great amount of self respect, and not to mention, a good sense of decorum in the public eye, Girly It Girls also have respect for others as well as good attitudes when interacting with others around them. Always remember that good attitudes are contagious! 

5 Little Ways to Have a Positive Attitude

1. Instead of having a problem with everything, how about offering a solution to the problem? In other words, always offer a solution to the problems instead of just complaining about everything. 

2. Always remember to show gratitude: say “Thank You”. Those are two little words and trust me, they’re not so hard to say.

3. Criticism can be considered a gift. When someone criticises you, instead of taking it to heart or having a bad attitude about it, hold your head up high (you might want to say “Thank You”, but only if you’re not going to do it with an attitude!) and know within yourself that that’s just something that would help you become a better person or better at what you’re doing. Know that when someone says something to you that may not exactly be pleasant, be satisfied thinking to yourself that you’re just going to use that as a way to better yourself.  And remember, Girls It Girls are NEVER Haters!

4. Just do nice things just for the fun of it, and just because you can. Buy some chocolates for your friends; wash the dishes without anyone having to tell you anything; cook dinner; congratulate someone- any small bit of goodness that you can share each day, just for the heck of it! 

5. Know your strengths and your weaknesses. Know what you are capable off, and know that although there might be limitations to what you can and cannot do, never let those barriers define you. Work on what you can change, and accept the things that you cannot. Never dwell on your weaknesses. Find comfort in the things that you are good at, but never let yourself be afraid of the things that you may not be good at. Don’t ever be afraid to try new things and explore the outer concepts of your mind i.e.- think outside the box! 

Love Always,

Girly It Girl <3



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