What does it mean to be a Girly It Girl…

1. A Girly It Girl is a strong, confident, smart and beautiful. She knows who she is and will never compromise herself nor her beliefs in the face of criticisms of her character, or the like. 

2. A Girly It Girl has consideration for others around her, and will always offer her help to those in need (within reason of course). 

3. A Girly It Girl is a role model to other girls, and as such, she will always conduct herself in a dignified and respectable manner. 

4. A Girly It Girl always fights for what she believes, and as such, she stands for at least one cause, be it cancer, child abuse, global warming, hunger, poverty etc.

5. A Girly It Girl always looks presentable in the way that she looks, dresses, and generally upholds herself. 

6. A Girly It Girl is a hard worker. She works hard for everything that she has and therefore, she appreciates the value of hard work and dedication. She is smart because she studies diligently, and she is driven towards excellence. 

7. A Girly It Girl never accepts mediocrity. She always strives to achieve more than what is expected of her and she well never settle for anything but the best.

8. A Girly It Girl understands that failure is a necessary part of life because it provides valuable insights on what NOT to do the next time around. She also knows that mistakes are part of the learning experiences of life and that it serves a valuable source of lessons to be learnt. 

9. A Girly It Girl knows the value of being a holistic individual, and never gets stuck in being confined to one particular aspect of life. 

10. A Girly It Girl is never a Hater. 

Love Always, 
Girly It Girl <3 


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