Girly It Girls Have Busy Lives

Okay, so for most of us girls out there, our lives are riddled with school and work, and a mountain of other responsibilities. So how can you ever find the time to be your best? And by your best I mean every aspect of YOUR BEST: MOOD, LOOK, FEELING…basically your best everything. 

But how do you get there? How to you find time in your crazy hectic day to be a Girly It Girl? 

Firstly, let me state that being a Girly It Girl has NOTHING to do with being a stuck up blond-cheerleader-skinny-party girl-spoilt-brat! In fact the following is what it means to be a Girly It Girl

7 Definition of Girl It Girl:

1.A Girl who is strong and confident in herself.

2.She knows what she’s about.

3.She has goals/aspirations.

4.She knows what she stands for: aka she has morals

5.She has a sense of responsibility, not only to herself, but to others in her community, country, and the world. 

6. A girl who has priorities, and can organize herself and her life, in such a way that can have the most impact. 

7.A girl who lives her life to the fullest. 

Like so many of you, I wasn’t exactly the “Girly It Girl”, mainly because I believed that I was soooo busy, thinking that I had so little time to focus on myself. So instead, I found myself cramming my day with school work, baby-sitting, chores, extra-curricular activities, and the list can go on. Basically, you can say that I was harbouring some serious self-neglect.

I was under some weird spell that made me seem to think that if I exercised for 15 minutes, I would never finish this assignment on time. I couldn’t find the light of day to do my nails or a facial, make my hair look decent; my room just could never stay clean, and I was forever unorganized, and exercise? What was that? I just felt as if my whole world and everything just could not fit into a 24 hour time slot. 

I was basically a workaholic, with no time to focus on what was really important: Taking care of myself. You may not be a workaholic, but you may be a constant party goer, athlete, couch potato (if you are, don’t worry, we can change that!), and whatever “aholic” that you are, basically by spending too much time on one particular aspect of your life. 

With my simple advice from someone who can say they’ve been there and done that before, you can become a Girl It Girl, and change all the aspects of your life so that you can be successful, beautiful, driven, and in the end, encompass all the definitions of being a Girly It Girl. 

Love Always,

Your Girly It Girl For Life <3


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